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Jun 4

Dr. Teri Schreiner and the Neuroimmunology Clinic for Children was recently invited to joint the “US Network of Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Centers”

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society previously established a nationwide network of nine Pediatric MS Centers to provide comprehensive evaluation and care to children and teens with MS and related CNS demyelinating disorders. Recently, funding was provided to expand the network to 12 sites. With this award, the multidisciplinary clinic that Dr. Schreiner has established in collaboration with Children’s Hospital Colorado and the University of Colorado (the Neuroimmunology Clinic for Children) is now recognized as a member of the network of 12 centers.

The Network is engaged in research to better understand the cause(s) of MS, the characteristics of these disorders in children, and how best to treat children with MS. It is an honor to be distinguished as one of 12 sites in the country with the necessary clinical expertise and research infrastructure to participate in this important work.